Cardi B Posts Cute Clip Of Little Kulture Taking A Well-Deserved Nap After Getting Her Ears Re-Pierced!


The female emcee took to her platform of choice to share an adorable video of her baby girl, Kulture Kiari sleeping like the angel she is. Apparently, she’d just gotten her ears repierced before the nap and Cardi B mentioned that the child would be ‘sad’ about that.


‘My baby soo happy she finna be sad cause her ear ears boutta get re pierced sad 😔,’ Cardi first wrote alongside a clip that showed little Kulture sitting in a chair and looking cute.

That was yesterday and today, as mentioned before, the proud mother returned to social media to post a clip of the toddler taking a nap and seemingly being unbothered by her freshly re-pierced ears.

‘How you sleep when life is good,’ Cardi captioned the short video.

The entertainer has really been enjoying her life as a mother and she never fails to show her daughter off to the whole world.

That being said, she also loves to dress her up in the best of outfits, usually luxury brands.

Not too long ago, she was photographed in Gucci, literally from head to toe and Cardi took credit for the great styling.

Cardi likes to dress her up for Halloween too, it seems.

Kulture was styled by her mom for the holiday that just passed, to look like Moana and if there will ever be a live action remake of the beloved movie, you know who to cast for the role!

The mom and daughter also went to Disneyland earlier this month but the rapper admitted in a post from November 2 that mom life is not always such fun and games!

‘Mom life Look easy don’t it ? But Booooyyyyy o booooyyyy 😩😩😩😩😩😩🤦🏽‍♀️, she wrote.

Still, with such an adorable child like Kulture, it all seems worth it!


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