12 Tips for Posing on the Beach That Can Make You a Social Media Star

In the modern world, you haven’t been on vacation if you haven’t trashed your feed with beautiful vacation photos. However, when we look through the thousands of photos on our phones, we only find a couple of good shots. Now is the time to figure out how to look good in summer photos that could be really popular on Instagram.

Bright Side has prepared some simple tips for posing that will make sure you have a lot of great photos after your vacation.

When you are taking a photo with a raft or a float, don’t put it in front of you in the photo — this huge object visually cuts the body in half. Instead place it on the side — this will help you hide certain body parts and make your waist look thinner.


12 Tips for Posing on the Beach That Can Make You a Social Media Star (Kim Kardashian Uses Them Too)

When you pose near a swimming pool, avoid straight lines. Remember, that placing your legs together is a bad idea. It’s better to lift up the leg that is further from the camera. Also, don’t forget to arch your back. This way, your waist will appear thinner.

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